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3rd Generation Family Business

Glenborin Foods Ltd is a family run business, with the goal to provide fresh eggs to the entirety of Donegal.

And we do, we're currently providing eggs to every single town in the county.

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About Glenborin Foods

Glenborin Foods came to life in the year 1964, making it over 50 years old. It all began when PJ Dagens realised that fresh eggs were simply not available in Co. Donegal. PJ never did anything small, so when demand grew, the business grew, creating 'Dagens Glenborin Eggs'. The business was then passed on to his daughter Kathleen and Seamus who in turn passed it onto their son Gerry and Linda, the current owner of Glenborin Foods Ltd. 

Glenborin Eggs can be found in shops, hotels, and restaurants, in a number of varieties including organic and free range. The goal never changed this business, so they provide fresh eggs to every single town in Co. Donegal, from Bundoran to Culdaff. Gerry's son hopes to continues the business.

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